ERASMUS+ – PROJETO MADDD IN THE CLASSEROOM (music,art,drama and dance)

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Erasmus+ short summary

MADD (Music, Art,
Drama and Dance in the classroom)
  • Erasmus+ is EU funded education, youth and sports programme, which enables co-operation in these fields in Europe.
  • Escola Básica e Secundária de Manteigas  takes part in a two year, EU funded Erasmus+ project starting in fall 2017
  • the partner organizations come from Kirkkomännikkö (Finland), Romania (Iasi), Turkey (Ankara), Croatia (Slavonski Brod), Greece (Heraklion) and Spain (Torrevieja)
  • the main objective of MADD in the classroom project is to improve students’ learning abilities through music, art, drama and dance
  • by getting to know different cultures we achieve a wider perspective of art and the process of making art
  • the project aims to create positive experiences to all children, encourage alternative thinking, build self esteem, give room to different forms of expressing oneself and solve problems through co-operation
  • though all students at Escola Básica e Secundária de Manteigas  get a chance to take part in the project, the most enthusiastic students can join the Erasmus club
  • the project also involves visits to the partner organizations, and we at Escola Básica e Secundária de Manteigas will also get to host our European friends’ visit to Manteigas
  • Visit the project web site :